Friday seems to be a good enough day to begin a blog, yes?

Today was less about treating myself to deciding on  wedding goodies

peony bouquet

my dream bouquet

 (much to my frustrated dismay) and more about… housekeeping. I’ll mention the frustration in a minute. G.D printers!


Housekeeping in this instance was yard maintenance.

You see, my fiance and I do not live together. However, much of my time is spent at his home and we cook meals there, and leave trails of where we have been, as my mom would say as she guesses my dinner based on the dirty knives, bread and PB and J left out. Therefore, because I contribute to the apperance of the home nearly as much as he does, I feel that I should help out 😀 Also, cause ya know, I love him.

Anyway, all that means is that I ended up pulling weeds in just one section of the yard today. Bleh. Mushy mud and the chance of grabbing a bumble bee in the weeds was not my idea of a fun friday afternoon…or any afternoon really.

Before the gym, I thought “Hey I’ve got an hour to kill, why not set up this easy-to-install printer and see how the invitation colors appear!” (please sense my sarcasm.)

I spent a good hour doing exactly as the directions requested, only to not have a single thing print!

I was then treated to a bodyworks class at the gym which was delightfully painful. I got paired with a sweet 50-something older asian woman who defintely kept a pace with me! Way to go to all the ladies, at any age range or fitness level, who participate in these classes! I’d like to say I’m fairly active, but they still work me out and get me sweating.

Speaking of- Anyone out there take a class at the gym where it’s mostly repetitive lifting (think a 3 minute song workout where you are doing shoulder presses in this manner: up 3, down for 1, up for 4, down for 4, etc.) When I’ve been doing a lot of squatting during this exercise, I occasionally feel as though I’m about to black out. What’s the deal?!

Anyway, to top the day off, I spent the night in watching some DVR’d shows with my main squeeze, so I suppose I  can’t complain too much.

Now onto my current job: watching several small children at a church for a few hours before waking up to do it again tomorrow. . . a coffee stop will definitely occur before then.

Adios and thanks for stopping by!