Hello everyone!

Today was my first day at my first job post-college. Let me say, it’s certainly not where I expected I would end up (Starbucks) but after searching tirelessly for “career/office jobs” I gotta say, NO ONE is hiring! I promise I have a great track record when it comes to past jobs, I’m not a criminal and I have a degree and am very pleasant in person (so  if you think I’m aa bad interviewer, I really don’t think that is it)! For whatever reason, none of those qualities were enough to land me a job. Except Starbucks. At this point in time, they got my back when I really needed something!

So after going in today, I know I’m where I should be because I LOVE the store manager! Everyone I talked to was really sweet, and talked only pleasant things about that store, and even the other new guy was cool. So, all in all, free coffee on the job, discounts and benefits… what more could THIS girl ask for?? Not much I say. Plus it is literally 7 minutes from where I’ll live in about 4 months, so those 4:30 am wake up calls won’t be so bad when I only have to get up 15 minutes before work.

After my few hours of training, me and my friend hit up HEB for some yummy goodies this week! She and I are going to our friend’s house tonight for a lady’s night in dinner. We love to get together and make crack wraps a la Mama Pea, and occasionally once we had Beef wellington. it was TO.DIE.FOR! Anyway, we’re going breakfast style tonight, with a movie and… I am actually bringing the recipe found from one of my favorite bloggers, Kristin! She always posts amazing recipes and her Peanut butter cookies filled with peanut butter sounded too good to pass up. This was a bad night for cookies as I discovered the chocolate Newman O’s today at HEB and had to sample a few 😀

Ok well sorry for the lack of pictures again. I will have my man’s camera tonight so I’ll get some of the cooking action caught on camera!