Hello all!

It’s been a WHILE since my last post, and for very good reasons! I am working nearly 40 hours each week on top of this wedding planning business, working out, and managing small amounts of time with friends and family. Working 8 hour shifts (minimum) is getting my little body sore! I guess that makes sense since the past two months I sat looking for jobs… not much exertion required there 😉

Anyway- I cannot complain because I need a job, enjoy this one and how fast the long shifts pass!

As I said in my last post, I was supposed to go to the Moody Gardens Festival of Lights but couldn’t! I ended up having to (surprise) work and we’re going to save it for another day/weekend. Maybe Graduation weekend? 😀 I decided the day I graduate college is a big deal and it’s going to be all mine, and since it’s so dang early(8am), I’ll have plenty of time to spend the day my way!

Instead, the Christmas things my fiance and I did this week were 1) Hang lights at his house. it’s adorable! I will absolutely take some photos. 2) Saw the 3D Jim Carrey version of a Christmas Carol.

I'm so sad I didn't like this!

 Thoughts: Sadly disappointing! The first 25 minutes of the movie was previews in 3D and our eyes were feeling bizzare getting adjusted to the 3D feel of things. Then the movie was just ho-hum. After a while I was thinking “Ok they show him pointing something out but this isn’t essential to the movie.” very slow- very MEH.

Anyway- enough with my point of view on the movie- This week should be awesome because it’s the week prior to my bridal photo session with my bridesmaid! She’s an amazing photographer who took my engagements and I’m so excited that she’s going to photograph me next 

 week 🙂 This week, however, she will be helping me prepare my DIY birdcage veil. I’m not really a do-it-yourself kinda girl but this seems like a simple enough concept. ALTHOUGH I am in love with another style a la Ali Larter— I was completely unaware you can wear a mantilla veil like this!

I want to look like THAT walking down the aisle!

if this shot doesn’t convince you that this veil is amazing, check out what happens when you flip if back!


 Something tells me I’m going to be purchasing a mantilla before the wedding date.. luckily the birdcage will be adorable and a fun alternative for the bridal portraits! I’m the kinda girl who doesn’t really care that it might not match when the day comes.. life’s too short to focus on that!

Anyway- This post took foreva and I have to go back to perusing hundreds of wedding blogs and such.

One thing food-related before I go! The other night I was craving something light and delicious for my sick tummy that had to include SABRA of course. Whilst wandering Kroger on my snack break, I found NUT-THINS. (I definitely keep typing Nut-things.. that’d be wrong) These bad boys are certainly portioned small as I demolished almost a whole bag in two sittings, but are SO.ADDICTING. Not kidding. My mom isn’t one to keep mindlessly snacking but she kept grabbing for these bad boys. I’m not a nutritional expert so I won’t pretend that the nut/rice nutritional stats are out of this world amazing (maybe they are?) but after 5 hours of running around like a crazy lady, I needed something back in my belly and these did the trick. Fanfrickintastic.

That’s all for now, I need to detox from the internet (or blog stalk. whatever.) Until next time 😀