me engagement

Well hey, that’s me.

My name is Lindsey, I’m 24 and I’ve pretty much obsessed over the idea of blogging for months! After reading food and wedding blogs, I figured I could sorta just write about whatever appealed to me–at this moment it will definitely be wedding-related things but honestly, I don’t see myself being disciplined to keep to one topic!

Anyways, a little, very brief story of my life thus far:

I’m from a semi-crazy family that moved to Texas from Iowa when I was in 8th grade. Traumatic times, people. If I hadn’t met my fiance right before college, I probably would have ended up in California or even London to get away to a new environment.

I recently finished up classes at my university, will be walking the famous walk in December (Finally!) and shortly thereafter, getting married! (I know people can be annoying always talking about their wedding business, but I can’t really help it.)

I am addicted to coffee- I’ve worked in the business for many years during college, and to be quite honest, still do for the time being!

Which leads me to the story of my title…

I had been dating a boy in high school who liked taking me to this local coffee shop down the street from his parent’s house. He told me I should apply there, and so I did (you saw that coming, didn’t you?) Shortly after we broke up,  I got the job, and began training with my boss/future husby. (Rest assured he is not ancient. He’s just a year older) Funny enough, he was at the tail end of his relationship and all I could think was “how can she kiss him with those teeny whiskers on the edges of his mouth?” .. I think we all know now that I found out and they are quite inconspicuous and adorable.

I will do my best not to brag, but seriously– I got LUCKY  to be in a very stable, committed four-year relationship with him all before getting engaged. Because we started dating at work (so much for no dating co-workers huh?) many people got to see our relationship become what it is today. So special!

I kinda love many hilarious things, many times sometimes crass, so bare with me. Some of my favorite funny things come in the form of television (Think the Office and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.)

Enough about that/me! I will be posting a real post tomorrow.. I’m kinda pooped out and need me some snug and sleep!